So, what do we do that's so great?

We help our clients expand their capacity & capabilities

We enable claim professionals to focus more of their attention on the things that truly drive claim costs; rather than pushing paper, looking things up, and filling out reports.  We do that first by automating complicated and time-wasting workflows. Second, we deliver meaningful decision-support resources to your professional teams (up and down the ladder) so they can make the most educated decision at that moment. Bottom line, your staff are more satisfied in their jobs, your costs go down, your claimants are happier, your clients are impressed with your outcomes, they tell their friends, and your company becomes more profitable.

We impress clients by spending more time learning their business and helping them achieve their goals than telling them about ours. 

It's those constant waves of unending minutia that grind morale and productivity into dust.  BaseLine manages all those details so claims professionals gain the time they need to do what they do best and feel good about doing it.



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Our clients say it best.  They think we're great because, compared to our competitors, we are more efficient and effective.  We listen to their needs and objectives.  We bring forth new ideas to help them move forward and we don't engage in all the jargon.  Basically, we recognize their issues and offer sensible, affordable and workable solutions.