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“My professional mission has always been to make the day-to-day operational problems of my colleagues disappear. Find the pain point and address it.  Maintaining an open and casual dialogue, and to not be too strict in a single methodology helps.  Every organization has unique challenges, and there is no single plan that works for everyone.  Find the solution that works for your situation, while still understanding and adopting secure practices. Be flexible. Changes aren’t permanent, but change is.”

Dan's Bio

Dan Wilson was born in Prince Georges County Maryland and spent most of his formative years on a horse farm in Fredericksburg Virginia. He began undergraduate work at Virginia Tech as a member of the Corps of Cadets, Air Force ROTC. He received his undergraduate degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.  His undergraduate focus centered on Music Education and Mass Communication.


He began his Information Technology career in 1998 working in Configuration Management and Software Deployment. He found it to be the perfect path to interact with all facets of an organization, acting as a bridge between the business and technical aspects.


A move to Florida in the early 2000’s, he entered the healthcare technology industry, and expanded his professional footprint in the areas of Change Management, Process Improvement, and Infrastructure. 


Dan has successfully led Change Management teams through agile transformations, platform upgrades, security audits, and cloud infrastructure migrations. His role at Effective Health Systems allows him to balance the goals of the organization with industry best practices and foster continual improvement across all teams.


Dan is an avid music lover and continues to practice music as a bass guitarist.  He also enjoys the occasional cigar.