Medical Authorization is at the heart of claims management

Thus, it should not come as a surprise that it is also one of the most challenging tasks.  There are so many stakeholders and interested parties heading in every direction and all seeking their own piece of this pie.  It's a challenge that has multiple fronts, each with its own crucial role leading to success or failure. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for one actor's interest to be in direct conflict with many other actors. Thus, one positive step forward on one front may set a claim professional's progress back three steps on another front.


At a time when the industry is working to focus more attention on supporting the injured worker, administrative tasks are consuming upwards of 80 to 90 percent of the claim professional's day. 


In such an environment, it's easy for priorities to get misplaced and to forget all about the injured worker.  Or worse, to think of the injured worker as just another problem on the stack of many problems.

Our technology serves to reverse that equation.  BaseLine is capable of automating all those urgent but non-productive administrative tasks distracting your team from the primary objective.  In addition, the technology provides intelligent guidance at crucial points to help your team make better decisions quicker. 


Bottom line,  BaseLine enables the injured worker to become the central focus of the claim professionals day.  And, when you claim professionals do that, you score more clients than your competitors.

BaseLine Med Auth

We Build High-Performance Bridges To Success

Our workflow technologies streamline systems and clean up all the convoluted med-auth workflow processes.  We enable your claims team to achieve high-performance outcomes.   


In addition, the automation processes ensure that best-practice procedures are followed. This means all the complicated regulatory and business requirements are processed according to the rules governing the particular process.


What's more, our systems augment the intelligence of the claims professional, which enables them to be more prepared and attuned to the priorities they face. 

High-performance occurs when management eliminates the nonsense that distract the operations team from their most important priorities. 

Over A Decade Of Building Successful Technologies and Partnerships

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Hi, I'm Don Adams, CRO for EHS.  Since 2009, we've build many positive relationships with large and small insurers, TPAs and medical management companies across America.  We know our business, which means we likely know a lot about yours too.


Call us for a no obligation consult.  We can discuss your current systems supporting medical authorization processes and issues.  From how requests come into your organization and are subsequently processed and paid.  

We pride ourselves on no-nonsense resolutions that deliver integration and high-performance.

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