Is Your Company Ready to Scale the Post-Pandemic Market?

Updated: Jan 19

James A. Schlueter

January 6, 2022

Our clients have told us that since COVID, the old ways of doing business are becoming less and less tenable. Today, their customers demand the same level of service they are receiving from virtually every other service provider; and, why shouldn't they? Subsequently, insurers and TPAs are trying to scale their operations to meet the new demands.

Scaling a business means setting the stage to enable and support growth in your company. It means having the ability to grow without tripping over your own shoestrings. It requires building a business environment that can effectively support your people, processes, and product. It is not accomplished without a significant amount of thoughtful planning supported by a diligent process of testing, tweaking, and retesting. Which is another way of saying great success is built on many small steps where failures are as valuable as the wins for the lessons they teach.

Scalability is about two things: Capacity and Capability. EHS helps clients achieve those goals through workflow automation and intelligent decision support tools.

EHS supports clients in their efforts to meet the increasing demands to better scale their business by eliminating sources of self-inflicted losses. We specialize in delivering workflow automation and intelligent augmentation systems that deliver your professional staff more time to focus on claimants. To engage in conversations with them regarding their concerns and needs, so they can be guided through the complex process of recovery.

Our clients are hero's in their organization because they are maximizing the value of their infrastructure, streamlining processes, using data to drive key business and claim management decisions, eliminating compliance issues, and more effectively deploying their professional resources.

End of the day, our clients are experiencing significant growth and better margins.

Our observation though, is that much of the market is doing more talking and hand-wringing than building. We are amazed at the number of payers that are still talking about the many problems but have failed to free their professionals that the aging infrastructure and outdated workflows. The hero's leading our client's drive for modernization have found it doesn't have to be a budget buster and it doesn't have to become a lengthy (seemingly never ending) committee-driven project.

Our hero's have found the best success is delivered in incremental steps that deliver instant, consistent and meaningful wins, not only for the CFO but also for the professionals working with claimants on the front lines of their company. And, here's the best thing, most of the best ideas come not from "experts" or management, but directly from the frontline staff because they are dealing with the issues every day.

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