How is your company scaling to the post-pandemic market changes and the increasing demands from your clients?

Scalability is about Capacity & Capability  We can help you get there

We deliver competent systems that enable professional claims teams to have better conversations with claimants about their concerns and needs.  As a result, our clients recognize each claim as a springboard for successful growth.

Our clients tell us that since COVID, the old ways of doing business are becoming less and less tenable. Today, the injured worker demands the same level of service they are receiving from other walk-of-life. Subsequently, insurers and TPAs are trying to scale their operations to meet these new demands.


Scaling a business means setting the stage to enable and support growth in your company. Scalability requires planning, some funding, and the right people, processes, and technologies.

EHS helps organizations meet the increasing demands of the injured worker. We specialize in delivering workflow automation and intelligent systems that deliver time to your claims organization. More time to focus on the concerns and needs of an injured, and more time to guide them through a complex and stressful process.

The result is our clients are maximizing the value of their infrastructure. By partnering with EHS, your organization will see immediate benefits in:

  • Automating and streamlining processes within your medical authorization, UR and vendor management workstreams.

  • Analytics and intelligence to drive key business and claim management decisions

  • Time management by eliminating compliance issues


Our clients experience significant growth and improved margins.

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Workflow automation, augmented intelligence, and claims management advocacy are all top-of-mind initiatives and buzzwords in the workers comp space but deciding where to begin a digital transformation can be overwhelming. At EHS, we have helped 100’s of industry professionals improve the way their companies help injured workers get back to work. To learn about our engagement process, and how we can impact your team’s effectiveness, send me a note at


Don Adams

Chief Revenue Officer