At EHS, we create and deliver technologies that connect people with
processes to save time.

Time for injured workers to obtain the support and service they need.

Time for your frontline claims professionals
to be bring their best to every claim.

Time for your company to scale
to the demands of
today's business environment.


The Frontline

EHS creates systems that help remove distractions from your frontline team while enabling technologies route the right information, at the right time, to the right people. 


Frontline claims professionals can expect:

  • Increased job satisfaction, employee retention, and talent acquisition

  • Improved on-boarding and continued training

  • Work-from-anywhere culture while deploying and managing to best practices and KPIs

  • More time spent on injured workers and less time performing manual tasks.

External Partnerships

We know how critical reliable partnerships are for helping with an injured workers recovery. We also know how difficult managing a vendor panel can be in a time sensitive environment.


EHS's proven solutions will:

  • Eliminate 100% of your network leakage

  • Increase network savings

  • Remove all manual tasks for assigning services to vendors

  • Provide real-time analytics to drive compliance and gain market share


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I'm Don Adams, the CRO with EHS.  The above is just a sampling of the ways our technologies are being deployed to achieve the goals of our clients.  The subordinate links on this page will take to some pages that provide a bit more detail and some interesting history on a few of our applications.  Please enjoy.


And of course, drop me an email.  We can make this happen quickly for you.