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BaseLine: Vendor Management & Order Processing

A straightforward and automated solution to eliminate network leakage across your entire vendor panel…
at no cost to your organization.

BaseLine's Vendor Order Processing technology connects claim organizations to their panel of service vendors – creating a single location to order and manage all medical and ancillary services for a claim. Completely agnostic, vendor panels can be created to maximize savings targets on a national level.


EHS’s Vendor Management and Order Processing solution easily integrates within your existing workflow. It is designed to streamline, automate and track performance and deliver speed, accuracy & compliance.


Improvement in Order Entry, Order Tracking and Reporting


Improvement in Order Entry, Order Tracking and Reporting


Adherence to Vendor Panel Selection and Penetration


Reduction in Back End Support

Vendor Management & Order Processing...
how it all started.

When we first launched this effort, it looked like a straightforward workflow automation task.  It didn't take us long to find out it was much more than that. 


Here's the thing, adoption by the users is what drives successful technologies.  Unfortunately, in many claim organizations, the knowledge is tribally-based with little formal documentation.  Consider this, one adjuster had a notepad with 60 pages of rules he had to follow; and he was one of 400. Another workflow change was the last thing they were looking to deal with.


Finally at one of the early meetings, one of the key users told us clearly, "Look, if this can't be easier than the telephone, we don't want to be bothered by it."  Sure, they weren't thinking about the larger picture of what automation could deliver, but that didn't matter.  The benchmark was set.


What a challenge!  How do you make a technology that's easier to use than the telephone?

After 12 months of working with a team of adjusters and nurses from multiple offices around the country, we finally made their passing grades. We studied the multiple complicated processes and how noise and errors creep into the process.  We also explored what made the telephone so attractive.  Then we applied the power of modern technology to create, in cooperation with the adjusters and nurses, a process that they finally judged to be better than the telephone.

At the end of the day, we created a marvelous piece of technology that has been adopted as a best-in-class solution for managing vendors.

Jim Schlueter, President


I'm Don Adams, the CRO with EHS.  The above history of our Vendor Management & Order Processing system is just one example of how we make technology work for our clients.  It makes the point that great innovations don't just pop out of a box.  Crafting great innovations takes patience and skill, that's what we bring to the table.

As you have heard from some of our testimonials, employers expect their business insurance partners to step into the digital age.  This technology has shown itself to be a feature that our clients are using to demonstrate to their clients that they understand technology is the new table stakes in this game. 


Drop me an email.  We can make this happen quickly for you.

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