So, what do we do that's so great?

At EHS, we create and deliver technologies that automate complicated workflows and provide just-in-time critical decision support tools (including resources from 3rd party applications).  These tools greatly improve frontline performance and enhance the connection between injured workers, a claims professional, and the entire claims process.  BaseLine enables quicker onboarding of new clients and claim professionals.  BaseLine transitions knowledge from being tribal-based to institutional-based.  This improves compliance with business and regulatory rules as well as improving job satisfaction, facilitating remote workstyles, provideing critical analytics to manage performance in near-real-time, and ensures compliance with the hundreds of business and regulatory rules...  And, that's just for starters...  


Most importantly, our systems deliver claims professionals more quality time to better understand the needs of the claimant and help make their experience in dealing with their insurance claim a more positive and less stressful event.

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Our clients say it best.  They think we're great because, compared to our competitors, we are more efficient and effective.  We listen to their needs and objectives.  We bring forth new ideas to help them move forward and we don't engage in all the jargon.  Basically, we recognize their issues and offer sensible solutions.