So, what do we do that's so great?

We enable claim professionals to focus more of their attention on the things that truly drive claim costs; rather than pushing paper and filling out reports.  We do that first by automating complicated and time-wasting workflows. Second, we deliver meaningful decision-support resources to your professional teams (up and down the ladder) so they can make the most educated decision at that moment. Bottom line, your staff are more satisfied in their jobs, your costs go down, your claimants are happier, your clients are impressed with your outcomes and your company becomes more profitable.

It's those constant waves of unending minutia that grinds morale and productivity into dust.  BaseLine manages all those details so claims professionals gain the time and energy to do what they do best and feel good about doing it.
Managing Staff 

We create systems that help your organization eliminate distractions from your professional team.  We do that by automating all the routine tasks and decisions as we enable technology to transmit the right information, at the right time, to the right team member.  The objective is to maximize the ability of your professional team to focus on the critical factors that contribute to the success of your company.

We also provide analytic tools that help you review the quantity and quality of the work being done by individual members of your team.  Automation also allows you to track key performance metrics so you can monitor how successful your operation is at any given moment.


Managing Vendors 

Managing third-party partners is essential to running a successful business.  It's one thing to get a good price.  However, it is more important to find and promote partners that outperform the rest. 

It takes hours and hours of human time to track the kind of data necessary to get those answers.  BaseLine's automation tracks it in milli-seconds and has it ready for you at a moment's notice.


Our Vendor Management application is uniquely designed to track and report on such KPIs.

Call Don to learn more about our Vendor Management & Order Processing systems.


Managing Performance

We help normal people complete complicated administrative gymnastics while working in difficult situations.


BaseLine tracks every transaction that occurs within the system.  Thus our client's managers gain a wide view of all of activities and outcomes across multiple stakeholders and functions, both internal and external to the organization.  This provides near-real-time visual performance measures necessary to manage your company.  As a result, our clients can quickly identify unique problem areas as well spot trends in their early stages.  This allows them to initiate corrective action before issues become problems.  Give Don a call to lean more about our Business Tools application and how it can expedite the effective allocation of professional resources.

Managing Data

Effectively managing a complex workflow requires the ability to communicate with data from multiple sources.  In many claim organizations that use multiple software tools, this seems to be an insurmountable task.


One of our key strengths is our ability to integrate critical data between multiple sources. This allows us to process and deliver pertinent data to multiple stakeholders.  As a result, our clients can observe and manage the workflow progress across multiple departments.

Managing Multiple Software Applications

One of BaseLine's superpowers is its ability to communicate with multiple disparate software applications and share critical data.  BaseLine becomes a central hub and pivot center to coordinate and integrate data between systems that do not know how to play nicely in today's world.  This eliminates the need for endless double entry of data and the associated errors that naturally seep into your data and limit the confidence in your reports.  With BaseLine these tasks are done effortlessly and instantly.  Give us a call we would love to show you how this works.

Managing Letters & Faxes

We may be in a technology-driven world where the industry's goal is to be paperless. However, managing claims still involves plenty of communications that require multiple letters, faxes, forms, and documents that need to be produced, transmitted, recorded, and recovered.  


Our systems allow clients to easily manage complex communications for multiple services while freeing the professional team from all the non-productive time spent chasing down and editing various templates. 

Managing Documents 

Documents drive claims administration. Each claim can have hundreds of associated documents the need to be able to be called up at any given moment.

BaseLine manages the documents associated with the services we deliver.  In addition, BaseLine can feed any of these documents back to the claim system according to client requirements.

Managing Complicated & Convoluted Workflow Processes

The claims management process is awash with complicated and convoluted processes.  The back and forth of paper between different stakeholders, departments, and unique software applications is something the writers of an "I Love Lucy" episode would have a hard time passing as remotely possible.  Making matters worse is that each department has its own time requirements, communications, approvals, audit, and filing procedures that often conflict with the others.  It's no secret.  It's a mess.  Everyone knows it but nobody knows how to deal with it.  We do.  We've been in business going on 14 years.  We have successfully served all types of payers, medical management companies, bill review companies, and all sorts of third-party vendors, 


BaseLine automates all those ridiculous workflows.  It streamlines those processes and makes them effective and efficient.  Thus saving hours of your staff's time; which reduces your costs and dramatically improves your staff productivity and performance, not to mention a near 100% compliance level with your business & regulatory rules. 



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Our clients say it best.  They think we're great because, compared to our competitors, we are more efficient and effective.  We listen to their needs and objectives.  We bring forth new ideas to help them move forward and we don't engage in all the jargon.  Basically, we recognize their issues and offer sensible solutions.


The above is just a sampling of the ways our technologies are being deployed to achieve the goals of our clients.  I would appreciate the opportunity to visit with you about your issues and some of the ways we may be able to assist you.