Why Choose BaseLine?


BaseLine can quickly take over processing of the routine tasks that are required but add no value to resolving a claim. This means your professional staff will spend minimal time on such things as documentation, paperwork, phone calls, faxes, emails, to focus on what matters.


You can be assured those complicated routine tasks will be processed in accordance with the business rules you require. In addition, BaseLine tracks key performance points in the workflow.  Thus, BaseLine can identify potential compliance issues that fall outside the automated workflow and alert you before they become problems


With BaseLine workflow automation, those routine procedures that your professional team spend 30, 45 and 60 minutes on are processed in under 3 minutes.


With BaseLine workflow automation, the remaining manual processes can be shifted to admin staff rather than your professional team.  Thus, in addition to decreasing the throughput times, the processes can be managed by support staff.


BaseLine workflow automation incorporates a powerful analytics program that can pinpoint key metrics related to the performance of both your internal teams as well as your external vendors.  With BaseLine, you can correct issues before they become problems.