Are you ready to take action and invest in your people, your process, and your technology?

We've heard the same conversation for years - that the Workers Compensation industry needs to change and adopt technologies and processes that will attract and retain great people. It's time to stop talking, and time to start doing something about it once and for all.

Your organization deserves it and we can help.


Your employees are your most valuable asset. Today's work environment demands efficiency and flexibility. EHS creates systems that help your organization remove distractions from your frontline team while enabling technology to route the right information, at the right time, to the right person. 


The end result:

  • Increased job satisfaction, employee retention, and talent acquisition.

  • Improved on-boarding and continued training.

  • Create a work-from-anywhere culture while deploying and managing to best practices and KPIs.

  • Encourage critical thinking opportunities. 


At EHS, we understand that the claims management process can be complex. For over a decade, we have focused on streamlining the connection between the injured worker, the claims management team, and your 3rd party relationships.


Our solutions automate 95% of the tasks that your people face every day. In addition, our approach can maximizes service level agreements and create more time for your staff to interact and help injured workers recover and get back to work faster.



Empower your people with great technology! Our solutions accelerate your claims management process. EHS's technology platform is called BaseLine. BaseLine is a workflow automation platform designed for claims organizations.
BaseLine’s suite of solutions easily integrate with existing systems & workflows for immediate measurable results. The efficiencies gained from BaseLine have saved our clients millions of dollars in operational cost AND have facilitated double digit growth on an annual basis.

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Hi! I'm Don Adams. I joined EHS in late 2020 with one goal: to deliver the most disruptive and innovative solutions to the workers compensation industry. We've created a revolutionary solution at EHS that focuses on bringing your people, your process, and your technology together in a meaningful and cost effective way. Be curious and drop me a note!. I'd love to hear where you are focusing your time, energy and resources to be a leader in the industry.