The Time To Act Is Now...

In the past five years, insurance claims executives have been inundated with hundreds of articles, studies, and professional surveys in the claims management & insurance industry media, not to mention regular workshop sessions at professional conferences warning of the coming crisis in staffing, data, technology, infrastructure, paper overload, disconnected software systems, etc. 


Sadly, it seems a lack of funding, focus, and direction combined with a fear of change and the unknown are preventing many payers from tackling the critical issues they face.  In the next few minutes, we will introduce you to some of our clients who will tell you why they chose us.  You will learn how we work with clients to understand their unique business culture and help them apply the tools they require to achieve even greater successes as their business environment evolves.

Our clients typically begin by identifying meaningful low-risk incremental steps that integrate the workflows of their frontline teams.  We've found that nothing drives innovation like success. Delivering little pieces of perfection that improve the lives of the frontline users can unleash a powerful momentum leading to sophisticated and profitable innovations.  Thus, our clients face fewer fears, uncertainties, and resistance.  That's our objective.  We get there through strategies that are easy to understand, relatively inexpensive, and minimally disruptive. 

What does that look like?  First, we quickly automate dozens of routine tasks that truly waste your professional resources.  Second, BaseLine delivers innovative decision-support tools that help your professional teams make faster and better decisions leading to effective claim resolutions.

James A Schlueter, CEO

Effective Health Systems

Our clients are executives that are tired of investing in failure.  They are using BaseLine to deliver scalable technologies that strengthen their capacity and capabilities, and they begin producing outcomes immediately. 
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