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When You Simplify Your Claim Processes...

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You Simplify Your Life

We have been helping claim executives simplify their lives and the lives of their colleagues for over 15 years. And, the payoff... they get a better night's sleep.

Our clients recognize that the great resignation, tightening budgets, tougher expectations from prospects, and increasing demands from executive boards are just symptoms of a root problem eating away at the core of unprepared claim organizations. 

The root problem is the same that artisans of the pre-industrial age had to face when factories and mass production took hold of their economy. It is the same problem mid-century manufacturers faced when innovative competitors introduced robotics. When the big-box stores spread across the country in the 1970s & 1980s, local merchants faced these issues. And today, given the rise of Amazon and similar online businesses, even large established brick-and-mortar businesses are dealing with these existential issues. Many have already failed, and many will follow. Our goal is for you to avoid that fate.


Your company is at a tipping point. The symptoms will continue to fill your plate with priorities and frustrations and rob you of a good night's sleep. The more you focus on the signs and ignore the root issue, the more irrelevant your company will become. Do you want to evolve your vision for your company and become relevant in today's world or follow the path of leaders who failed to meet this existential challenge?

Randy Bugg is a claims leader who has put BaseLine to work, keeping his claim organization relevant, growing, and profitable since April 2013.
Check out his story on video towards the bottom of the Why EHS page.
Effective Health Systems (EHS)

EHS is a technology & management consulting company that has been in business since 2007. Our company delivers technologies that mend broken processes no longer relevant in today's evolving business environment.  Our systems are relatively inexpensive, non-disruptive, and quickly deployable. We have worked with many of the largest insurers, national and regional TPAs, and medical management companies. We incorporate products and services from dozens of related businesses that can support our mission with excellence in product and service.

We believe technology is best applied to improve our client's business processes. We do this by layering highly specialized applications within your existing systems that bring interconnectivity and create a community within your claims management environment. 


Our focus is on delivering relatively inexpensive, quickly deployable, and demonstrable improvements in business performance by enabling technology to maximize the capacity and capabilities of a client's technical and human resources. 

We help clients mend broken processes by...

Performance data today is spread out over several data platforms and software.  The first step in fixing the broken processes is integrating data from many sources into one that can provide immediate and accurate performance measures across the organization...


It would be foolish to try to drive a nail with a screwdriver. Yet, in many claims organizations, that analogy applies.  Human resources are being wasted on tasks and decisions best handled by technology.  The reason is that most claims organizations are organized around how authority flows rather than how work flows...


Delivering intelligent information to your professionals where and when they need it increases their efficiency and maximizes their various skill sets.  Putting knowledge in the hands of your claim professionals where and when they need it eliminates many frustrations that claim professionals face on a daily basis.  And, that mends many broken processes...

You may wonder why we've linked three videos from another technology company (Apple) on our website. We believe excellence should be celebrated and spread widely, not hidden.  We believe it's in the best interest of our clients not to waste time and effort on something someone else has already perfected.  Working with competent third parties allows us to solve your issues more quickly while keeping our efforts focused on mending broken processes.  It also allows us to invest our resources in areas that have been overlooked and remain problematic.  As a result, everyone benefits and grows. 


We believe that's one of our secrets to success!

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