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When You Simplify Claim Processes...

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You Simplify Your Life

 "I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been." 

 Wayne Gretzky

The problem here isn't that many insurance claim executives aren't just not skating to where the puck is going to be; they are not even in the same barn where the real game is being played. They are focused on peripheral issues and how to resolve them without considering why these issues exist. Thus, the new competitors capturing market share from established logos are becoming an ever-expanding avalanche proving that established enterprises are out of touch with the evolving market.


The issues driving the rapidly evolving digital disruption are not the Great Resignation, the Gen Z work ethic, technology lowering the cost of entry for competitors, loss of small but profitable lines of business to more nimble startups, tightening budgets, or the increasing demands from clients. These are just the symptoms, the harbingers of change, foretelling how claims will be managed tomorrow and by whom. 

The solution to the issues surrounding digital disruption is relatively simple. They are the same basic issues the craftsmen of the pre-industrial age had to face when factories and mass production took hold of the economy; the same issues that manufacturers had to face in the 50s, 60s, and 70s when innovative competitors began to integrate robotics; the same issues the local downtown merchants had to face when the big box stores came to town; the same issues electronic companies had to face when the cell phone began to integrate multiple functionalities... The basic issue is that today's standard processes are broken and no longer support today's demands.  Rather than attending to the broken processes, attention is being focused on the symptoms of the broken processes.  The existential question facing claim organizations is, will they...


Evolve or Die

 The solution to today's digital disruption is to engage technology where it can do what it does best and reinvest your human capital where it can do what it does best.  That's the path to success in the digital world.  Simple, but it requires a willingness to do things differently than they've been done in the past.
Who We Are

EHS is a technology & management consulting company that has been in business since 2007.  We have worked with many of the largest insurers, TPA's and medical management companies, several of the smallest claims organizations, and dozens of related supporting businesses.  Our systems are relatively inexpensive, non-disruptive, and quickly deployable.

We believe technology is best applied to improve our client's business processes.  Our focus is on delivering relatively inexpensive, quickly deployable, and demonstrable improvements in business performance by enabling technology to maximize the capacity and capabilities of a client's human resources.

We help clients mend broken processes by...

Performance data today is spread out over several data platforms and software.  The first step in fixing the broken processes is integrating data from many sources into one that can provide immediate and accurate performance measures across the organization...


It would be foolish to try to drive a nail with a screwdriver. Yet, in many claims organizations, that analogy applies.  Human resources are being wasted on tasks and decisions best handled by technology.  The reason is that most claims organizations are organized around how authority flows rather than how work flows...


Delivering intelligent information to your professionals where and when they need it increases their efficiency and maximizes their various skill sets.  Putting knowledge in the hands of your claim professionals where and when they need it eliminates many frustrations that claim professionals face on a daily basis.  And, that mends many broken processes...

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