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Analyzing Data

Data & Software Integration

BaseLine is a Platform as a Service.  In simple terms, BaseLine integrates the functioning of critical software applications and data systems.  This produces a seamless system designed to mend the multiple broken processes associated with claim management.  It also delivers a single end-to-end view of the key metrics occurring along your workflow  Further, it does all that without the expense of acquisition and staff training that comes with replacing multiple software applications.

Technology is about enabling humans to achieve more-faster-better.

Consider the cell phone. It started as a simple mobile phone. But as the power of technology grew, so did the mobile phone. Today, cell phones host a camera, video recorder, video player, web browsers, email, texting, and hundreds of other applications. A modern cell phone can easily communicate with and transfer data with any other brand. That's because cell phone companies realized that they could only succeed if they enabled every user to communicate with every other user, regardless of their cell phone brand. They understood that value flows from the user, not the product. The ones that recognized and accepted the challenge survived. Those that didn't are no longer remembered.


Somehow, the claims industry didn't get the memo regarding their actual consumers. Claim organizations tend to be organized around how authority flows from the top to specific functional departments. Each department tends to operate in a silo with its unique software applications that can't communicate with other departments. What's worse is that the nomenclature for the same functions and data between silos are frequently different. And like Vegas, what happens in a silo tends to stay in that silo;


Claim organizations remain focused on outdated procedures that inhibit communication and coordination. Subsequently, claim professionals and managers spend hours daily processing data from multiple software systems rather than working with their claimants. This work generates no marketable value, yet significant internal resistance to change exists.

Unlike people, technology can process meaningless, mind-numbing, time-pressured tasks all day long and not get bored, distracted, or disgruntled.

The BaseLine platform is a proven resource that can eliminate much of the archaic nature of legacy technology systems while mending multiple broken processes.  Surprisingly, BaseLine is relatively inexpensive and easy to implement.


We've successfully engaged in this specific mission since 2009 when we launched our first application called Smart-UR.  Our systems have been adopted by some of the largest payers, mid-sized payers, TPAs, and medical management companies. We will understand your business and operational and strategic direction and how to add value to it.

We've experienced that when we set the stage for our clients to do more, their clients and stakeholders are happier.  When they do it faster, costs come down, and margins go up.  This makes the clients, the executive suite, and the business development team much happier.  And, when you do it better, everyone is happier except your competitors because they lose clients.

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