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Smiling Businesswoman

Workflow Automation

This woman is what a satisfied claim professional on a busy day should look like.  She is in control with a smile because she's helping claimants directly navigate the claim process. What she's not doing is spending hours of her day processing mundane paperwork and responding to a never-ending stream of routine questions best handled by technology.

Workflow Automation: Creating environments that foster success by delivering more-better-faster.

In his work "Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us," Daniel Pink demonstrated how humans function best when confronted with complex problems that involve many subtle connections. Connecting the dots and fully grasping the significant issues underlying a claimant's difficulties thrills and motivates people. It makes them want to come to work in the morning. On the other hand, having to deal with complicated, multi-task problems that must be completed in a highly prescribed fashion under a tight schedule where the rewards are minimal for success, but negative consequences resulting from failure crushes human motivation. 


Click to listen to Daniel Pink discussing his research on what motivates human performance, which is specific to the issues executives in claim organizations face today with how to recruit and maintain claim adjusters.

Pink's research highlights our premise that technology is a tool to mend the broken processes responsible for the seismic issues disrupting claim organizations today. We recommend that claim executives focus their business and operational strategies on fixing the broken processes undermining their company's success. We understand that you face many pressing priorities today. However, as we have documented, history has not been kind to those who ignore the impact of broken processes.

The BaseLine platform integrates disparate software systems, manages data from multiple sources, and creates a unified workflow that can be fully automated.   Further, it delivers near real-time performance analytics so senior executives can tap the pulse of their team at any time. BaseLine.ties together your patchwork quilt of various software and data systems so your business can function as an integrated unit.

BaseLine automates the hundreds of mundane and routine tasks that crush a claim professional's job satisfaction. 

We've experienced that when we set the stage for our clients to do more, their clients and stakeholders are happier.  When they do it faster, costs come down, and margins go up.  This makes the clients, the executive suite, and the business development team much happier.  When you do it better, everyone is happier except your competitors when they lose clients. 

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