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BaseLine SmartUR: Streamlining Utilization Review Processes 

BaseLine's SmartUR application fully supports URAC accredited UR operations. Together with the capabilities, automation and integrations delivered in the BaseLine MedAuth software tools, Smart UR also includes capabilities like:

  • Automated Claims Eligibility Validation

  • Integration to 3rd Party Guideline Tools

  • Integrated connection to Peer Reviewers

  • Letter & Documents Management 

  • Compliance Tracking & Reporting Support

  • Internal/External Appeals Process Management

  • Claim level Notes / SOAP Notes

  • Time Tracking for Billing


EHS's SmartUR software application offers automation and configuration to support the variations that exist within your environment.  Set rules and alerts by state specific regulations. Auto assign vendors based on client preferences. Receive alerts when nurse licenses are due to expire, auto assignment of cases that observes nurse work schedules and PTO. BaseLine and SmartUR can be configured to support all of organization's UR requirements.

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