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When You Simplify Claim Processes...

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You Simplify Your Life

When it comes to strategy, Wayne Gretzky provided two very insightful points:

  • "I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been."   

  • "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

MIT Sloan Management Review (The Technology Fallacy: How People Are The Real Key to Digital Transformation, (Gerald Kane, Et al,  MIT Sloan Management Review, 2022), reported on research conducted with 16,000 people over four years regarding their experience with digital disruption.  They found that 87% agreed that the growth of digital technologies are disrupting their industry. Unfortunately, only 44% reported that their companies were doing enough in response to these challenges.  The Gretsky message here is that many executives are not keeping up with where the industry has moved to.  Subsequently, they are missing opportunities and falling behind.


HR recruitment and retention.  Increased competition due to low cost of entry.  Increasing demands/expectations from clients.  Data is distributed across multiple legacy technologies. Tightening margins. Etc.  We've seen these developing for quite a while. But the research shows that executives have been overwhelmed with so many priorities.  There's comfort in thinking that the strategies that worked in the past will work to fix today's issues.  But they won't.  They can't.  The world has moved beyond the strategies that worked in the pre-digital disruption economy and the tools that worked in the past are out of date. In an evolving world, failure to evolve will result in a failure to thrive.


EHS is a technology & management consulting company.  We take a unique view of what technology is, how it can be best applied, and what it can achieve in the claims world.  Our focus has always been on delivering services that free our client's human capital to spend more time resolving the concerns and needs of the claimant.  Because that's what they really want to do and it's what they can do best.  When the company enables the claims team to thrive, the company will thrive as well. Injured workers recover and return to work faster, the business client is happier, the claim organization's market position becomes stronger, revenues increase, and job satisfaction levels within the claims team increase.  Bottomline, you find yourself where the puck is heading, not where it has been.


Our solutions are simple, direct, and relatively inexpensive.  Nonetheless, they provide the cornerstone of a larger business strategy impacting all facets of the organization. As a result, our clients get to where the market is heading ahead of their competition, can take more shots than their competitors, with reduced operating costs. That's how we help our clients win, and win a lot.

We have built a launchpad for your moonshot. Join us.  We will help you save your company from the storm of digital disruption, as we change the game that has outlived its ability to deliver on its mission.

We offer four essential services, which are introduced below.


Digital is not a noun, it is an adverb.  It modifies a subject, it is not the subject..


In the digital world, it's about developing engaged people that can think on their feet.  Software is just one of many enabling tools...


Workflow automation is critical to creating a high-performing claim organization.  It will change your world by freeing your claim professionals to better understand and serve the claimant...


Delivering intelligent information to your professionals where and when they need it, will make or break your organization by putting knowledge in the hands of your claim professionals where and when they need it...


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